Company Introduction Package 

Work Involved:      


                        Script Writing


                                    What menu items to highlight

                        Shoot scheduling

                        Client approval


                        1 day shoot in restaurant/store/factory (either during 
                         operating hours or after) 


                        Graphics for locations/menu/products/prices 

                        Adding music, sound effects and transitions

                        Color correction for professional look

                        Client approval of final video

                        Formatting video

Video Type: Introduction Video

Description of video: An introduction video is designed to introduce the owner or manager of your company to potential costumers. In this video you will have a chance to introduce to the audience: 

            The owner/s

            The manager/s

            Any information about the company/product that 
            management feels is most important

            Location of company

Video Length: 0:30 – 1:00 minute


Benefits for Company:

            - Gives the audience a chance to put a with the 

            - Chance to thank the customer for choosing your 

            - Cheep production cost

            - Shows the customers that the people running the 
              company care about customer service and satisfaction


            Viral (web) Video

Price: TBD 

*All packages are subject to change based on what you (the client) have in mind for the video. Parts of these packages can be simplified or have things added onto them, all according to you!