Band Promotions 

Get your band noticed! 

Band Promotions include:

              - Clips of your live performance
              - Shots of your band members signing 
              - Selling band merchandise 
              - Interacting with fans
              - Bands stage presence 
              - Fans reaction to band
              - Large venues your band performs in

Great for public relations, agents and promoters.


Band Promotion Example 

Concert Taping Example: 

 *Note - This example was recorded with two SD cameras without any audio plug-ins. Our equipment has improved (see About Us)

Concert Tapings 

Have a show coming up that you want to showcase to fans around the world? 

Look no further. We film your entire show on three separate HD cameras and edit the entire event together.

We also can either work hand-in-hand with your audio engineers or use our own audio equipment in order to capture perfect sound into your video.