Training Video Package: 

Video Type: Training Video

Description of video: A training video is designed to show new employees the basic idea of what it takes to be a member of the company. In this video you will have a chance to show:

            New employee a tour of the company

            Basic job description

            Rules and regulations that come with the job

            Techniques and skills required on the job

            Computer training

            Company motto and mission statement           

Video Length: 2:00 – 10:00 minutes

Video Type: How-To Video

Description of video: A how-to video is different from a training video because it focuses more on your product, how it works, and allows both customers and employees to benefit from it. In this video you will have a chance to show:

            Your product in action

            Answers to common questions customers may have

            How your product can benefit your target market

            Recipes with your product (for restaurants) 

            Company motto and mission statement           

Video Length: 1:00 – 5:00 minutes


Work Involved:


                        Script Writing


                                    Company procedures and techniques

                        Shooting script

                                    Variety of shots

                        Cast actors or staff

                        Shoot scheduling

                        Client approval


                        1-3 day shoot in restaurant (either during store 
                         operating hours or after)


                        Edit together footage in an educational manner

                        Graphics to explain the training process

                        Adding music, sound effects and transitions

                        Color correction for professional look

                        Client approval of final video

                        Formatting video


            Viral (web) Video
            MP4 file on flash drive  

Benefits for company:

  •  Saves time and money used to train new employees
  •  Can be used over and over again as employees come and    go          
  •  Can create a more efficient employee in shorter amount of time
  •  Show either customers or employees how to assemble your product or use your product at home
  •  Advertise your product by showing people how it works

Price: TBD 

*All packages are subject to change based on what you (the client) have in mind for the video. Parts of these packages can be simplified or have things added onto them, all according to you!